Book Formatting

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Writing a book is one thing. Formatting it so that it's readable for your audience is an entirely different animal. Get help formatting your cover for print books or your content for ebook submission to Smashwords and / or Amazon (or both!). 

  • 3 - 7 business days depending upon project specifics and number of projects submitted. 
  • Interior formatting pricing is for 50,000. You will be sent an invoice for $20 per 10,000 over 50,000 (for example, a 70,000-word novel formatted for Smashwords would incur a $40 additional charge for the extra 20,000 words). The original 50k words will be formatted upon receipt of original payment. The remaining portion of the book over 50k words will not be formatted until invoice is paid in full. 
  • This is not a design service. You should be sending me documents to arrange in a manner that will allow them to be publishable on Smashwords or Amazon. 
  • All sales are final.