Author Quick Setup

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You're too busy to start your own author brand--I get it.

Let me do it for you. 

After consulting with you about what your brand goals are, I will follow through with setting up the following on your behalf: 

  • Company name (Volo Press, Carminoid Books, Sinister Publishing, etc.)
  • LLC Employer Identification Number (government issued, used to track expenditures, taxes, and write-offs, opening a business bank account, etc.)
  • Company website with custom domain (,,, etc.)
  • Company email with custom domain (,,, etc.)
  • Company CreateSpace account
  • Company Smashwords account
  • Company ACX account (for creating Audible audio books)
  • Company Facebook account
  • Company Twitter account

Once these items are set up, the usernames and passwords will be forwarded to you so that you may change them to something private that you will remember. Please do this as soon as possible! Your temporary passwords will be very simple and therefore more vulnerable to hacking. 

After you have received all account information, this service will be considered complete.