Show Her

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"I can firmly say that this is hands down the best tragedy I have ever read."

--E. B.,


Erika is the perfect woman, living the perfect life, in 2090, Louisville, Kentucky.  She's wealthy, lives in the "right" part of town, and has even made a career out of being an obedient partner to her husband. Believing that others should strive for the same circumstances she lives under, Erika maintains a website and facilitates training sessions to help her followers and fans live a more immaculate life. 

However, when her husband's first mistress reveals their relationship to her, Erika's entire world begins to crumble. 


In a race to keep it from collapsing completely, Erika strives to figure out ways to get rid of these extra women in her marriage, still maintain her husband's love and respect, and hold on to the reputation that she has created for the public. Erika must answer for herself: "How far is too far to go for the status quo?" 


From the poet who brought you Feign comes a dystopian, psychological thriller likened to the work of such masters as Maragaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin. Show Her will leave you riveted until the very last page.